Innovative classic

My name is Dora Varga and I look at the world with the sophisticated eye of a designer.

After being raised in Hungary I moved to the Netherlands at the age of 14. Heritage and tradition are one of my biggest influences, while letting new technologies and innovations play a role in my design choices.

Currently specialising in Graphic Design and Data Design, I am engaged in making social and commercial issues around sustainability more alert and easier to understand. A good example would be the Plastic Project where I analysed my plastic waste for a month and visualised it in a clear and relatable manner. A year later I did the same to compare the amount of waste that I have reduced in the meantime.

During this long term data research I developed a further interest in materials and textile goods. That is how the project called Reconnection was born. It is an ongoing investigation into materials that I found in my closet and the possibility of producing them locally. For me the project was a reconnection with my roots. But the role of this project is to systematize the information and communicate it in a relatable manner. By digesting research and making it available to others through storytelling with physical data visualisation. That is a way how design can help the process of developing a more ecological thinking.

During the research period, I stumbled upon more questions than answers. I do not have concrete solutions, but I am putting forward an interest that hopefully in the coming years will establish an in-depth conversation about the origin of materials and their economical and ecological impact.

By reacting on these subjects in an analytical way and translating my research using elegant and delicate choices applying them in editorial design, branding, video, exhibitions and installations. In the future I see myself designing for foundations, revolutionaries, publishers and self-initiated projects as well as consulting companies and institutes about how to become more environmentally friendly.