Carding wool

To have the wool ready to be spun it has to be carded first. The carding combs used by this process come from friends and family members. These combs has been bought 43 years ago and has been used ever since.

By carding the wool, the fibers will face the same direction therefore it becomes easier to spin the wool and make yarn from it. Carding also makes the wool softer and cleaner. Little twigs and short fibers fall off the combs, leaving only the best of the wool to be used.

This wool has not been washed. The wool is naturally very oily, that is what makes the wool stick to each other when it’s spun into yarn. After spinning the yarn can be washed and dyed to different colors.

Left, the wool is carded and has a much equal color, look and feels cleaner and softer.

Right, the wool is raw, has not been washed and the colors are much more divided.