During my Minor Data Design I analysed my closet. I photographed every piece of clothing I had and saved as much data about the item as possible. Most items revealed what materials are used for the item and where these materials are from. To my surprise in a few items no information could be found.

By creating a platform for my closet I archived my clothing by categories such as t-shirts, jeans or blazers. All clothing was photographed and the information found on the labels were added to the data base. By clicking on a piece of clothing the data would appear. The only piece of clothing having all the information was a t-shirt from the brand Mate the Label. I could see where the cotton was grown and where the garment was sown.

Through further research I could find where my Rains jacket was made or where the materials come from. Nor the label or the website of Rains shows the place of the factory or the origin of the material. Because of this, my rain jacket is one of the least sustainable items in my closet.

During the research I made my own rating system. It is completely based on my own values and not on an ecologic research. For me personally wool has a higher rate than polyester. I think that wearing a good quality wool sweater that can biodegrade is better to wear than a fossil fuel based sweater that leaves microplastic in the water. I also find that buying second hand is the best alternative and is still better than buying from a slow fashion brand.