Photo above: sitting with 4 weeks of single-use-plastic trash that is equal to 5 liters.

Last year I collected 4 weeks of my single-use-plastic trash which ended up being 60 liters. This year I did the same. From the 13th of August till the 10th of September I collected my single-use-plastic but this year I ended up with only 5 liters of waste.

Today I proudly call myself a conscious human being. When this year I collected my single-use plastic waste of four weeks the results were shocking in a good way. I ended up with only 5 litres of trash, instead of 60 liters from last year.

My single-use-plastic collection went form 114 pieces of plastic to 18 pieces in just a year. The biggest categorie this time being the bathroom. I started sporting but it is very frustrating with glasses on so occasionally I wear contact lenses that leaves me with plastic packaging waste.

This project is an ongoing investigation into the waste we create. By acknowledging how much trash we produce, where it travels and what pollution that results in, we realise the contribution we all make on global warming.

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