Photo above: sitting with 4 weeks of single-use-plastic trash that is equal to 60 liters.

In the summer I travelled through the West Coast of America with my boyfriend. It was a beautiful trip and we stayed at our friends’ and families homes, which was great, but what struck me was the amount of single-use plastic people were consuming. By drinking water from single-use plastic bottles or getting a lot of takeout single-use plastic food containers. While I was judging them, I questioned myself: Am I doing it any better at home?

Photo above: Hugging Redwoods in California

I like to call myself a conscious human being, but when I collected my single-use plastic waste of four weeks the results were shocking. I ended up with 60 litres of trash, which is 720 litres a year produced by two people living together.

In my single-use-plastic collection were 114 pieces of plastic divided into 8 categories. The biggest categorie was ‘Dinner’ followed by ‘Veggies and fruit’ and ‘Breakfast’. It was obvious that most of our plastic came from the kitchen as packaging material of our food.

Photo above: 4 weeks of single use plastic from August 14 – September 11 2018

Surely, I had to make some changes. I did not want to accept this lifestyle and was ready for change. I read books, articles, started to follow people from the zero waste movement on instagram and quickly realised I was not alone in this. 

There is plenty information on the internet and all around it. A few of my favourite initiatives that helped me during the process:

Choiceful by Dora Varga

Trash is for Tossers by Lauren Singer

Het Zero Waste Project by Nicky and Jessie Kroon

Vegan Zero Waste Chef, Max La Manna

School Strike for Climate by Great Thunberg 

This project is an ongoing investigation into the waste we create. By acknowledging how much trash we produce, where it travels and what pollution that results in, we realise the contribution we all make on global warming. Please visit the new projects that follows my journey into a more sustainable lifestyle.

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“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne Marie Bonneau