Zero waste meal

Zero waste meal started when I won the Circulair Student Award of 2018 after the Plastic Series project. The project was about reducing my waste at home, especially my plastic waste. By inspiring other students to do the same I organized a series of events where reducing waste was the main topic.

The first event took place on the 21st of May 2019. This date was a conscious choice. The summer time starts on the 21st of June but if the Earth keeps warming up on this rapid tempo as it is now, the summer time might start a month earlier than usual.

During the event, 20 students from different schools and disciplines came together to cook a 3 course zero-waste meal. By doing so they actively participated in the zero-waste movement and learned new tips and tricks to take home with them. Such as where to look for and what to avoid by shopping for groceries.

During the diner questions were answered and a great conversation started about the sustainable solutions students could undertake on a daily basis. After the event nobody went home empty handed. Every participant received a goodie bag with zee-waste kitchen essentials such as a luffa sponge and a reusable sandwich bag.

This event took place at the Erasmus Sustainability Hub at the Erasmus University.

Nothing went to waste. The food scraps where composted at the campus.

Leftovers were bottled and given away for the students that participated.

The second event took place a week later. The students had a week to try and live as waste-free as possible. During the second event tips, tricks, questions and suggestions were shared with each other. Some people found it challenging to live zero waste for a week, some students had no problem adjusting their lifestyle to it.

By hearing different stories and perspectives, other participants inspired and motivated each other to continue with their zero-waste journey.

This event took place at the Houten Pand in Overschie.

Zero Waste Meal is grown into Choiceful Rotterdam. On this platform zero waste tips, tricks and recipes are shared as well as interviews and articles about sustainable companies and initiatives.