Dora Varga is a weaver and material researcher. Heritage and tradition are one of her biggest influences, while letting new technologies and innovations play a role in her design choices.

Currently specialising in weaving and tapestry design, Dora Varga is engaged in making social and commercial issues around sustainability more alert and easier to understand. Translating these issues through woven design tapestries with leftovers materials that are sourced locally and are made of natural materials.

By doing so she hopes to inspire and motivate other designers to think of textile waste with a different perspective. Next to that Dora Varga hopes that future clients will appreciate hand made, repurposed and sustainable tapestries as much as she does.


born 1996 in Hungary

lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands


2020 BA Graphic Design, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam


2019 Plastic Project, Green Days, Erasmus University Rotterdam

2019 Plastic Project, Impact Cafe, Blue City Rotterdam

2021 Recycled Rugs, webinar,


2021 Knit along with Comfort Blankeet in De Wasserij


2020 Material series, online, Choiceful Rotterdam

2021 Material series, online,


2020-2021 recycled rugs